2021 Awards and Recognition
 Congratulations to all our winners!

2021 REALTOR® of the Year


Sue Wray, Broker, Brownlee-Wray Realty has been named the 2021 REALTOR® of the Year by the Midwestern Ohio Association of REALTORS®.  This award is presented to an active REALTOR® who represents the outstanding attributes of the profession and who has made a real commitment to the real estate industry.


This recipient was licensed in 1986 and became a Broker in 2005. This person has had a successful career and recognized with the Ohio REALTORS President Sales Club award multiple years.  She has participated in Association continuing ed classes and activities such as RPAC, affiliate events and the annual community blood drive. Click here to read the full nomination.

Sue Wray_Head shot (2a).png

Sue Wray

Brownlee-Wray Realty

2021 Mary L. Pollock Lifetime Achievement Award


Steve Mackenbach, Plus One Professionals Realty, Saint Marys, has earned the 2021 Mary J. Pollock Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Midwestern Ohio Association of REALTORS® (MOAR). This award seeks to recognize a member who has devoted their professional life to the improvement of the REALTOR® profession.

Mackenbach has been licensed as a REALTOR® since 1974. He has had various occupations within his career:  real estate agent, commercial appraiser, leasing agent, partner and a broker/owner of a brokerage which included 6 offices in northwestern Ohio.

Click here to read the full article.

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Steve Mackenbach 

Plus One Professionals

2021 Affiliate of the Year


Amy Filling, Community Mortgage Loan Originator, U.S. Bank, has been named the 2021 Affiliate of the Year by the Midwestern Ohio Association of REALTORS® (MOAR).


“The Affiliate of the Year Award recognizes Affiliate members for their service and commitment to the association,” explains Krista Opperman, 2020 Board president, Midwestern Ohio REALTORS®. She adds, “The award acknowledges their support through committee participation and support of association programs and events. This award also recognizes their efforts to make the communities they serve a better place.” Click here to read her nomination.


U.S. Bank


The following members have been inducted into 2021 Ohio REALTORS® President's Sales Club:

Alice Ahrens (PSC2T),  Amanda Moening (PSC2T),  Amy Curtis (PSC1),  Amy Rhoades (PSC1),  Angela Elsass (PSC1),  Angie Szaruga (PSC1),  Autumn Coon (PSC1),  Bert Barnes (PSC1),  Betty DuBry (PSC2),  Bonnie Marlow (PSC1),  Brandi Wagner (PSC1),  Brandon Arling (PSC1T),  Bryn Daring-Stewart (PSC5),  Chad Carey (PSC2),  Charlotte Delcamp (PSC1),  Cheryl McCullough (PSC1),  Christina Siefring (PSC1),  Chris Price (PSC2),  Connie Watercutter (PSC1T),  Cory Burch (PSC1),  Dale Hart (PSC1),  Darlene Shick (PSC1),  Dava Royer (PSC2),  David Galbreath (PSC1),  David Siegel (PSC1),  Denise Cisco (PSC2),  Dennis Kohler (PSC1),  Diana Goodwin (PSC1),  Diane (Teri) Frymyer (PSC7),  Donna Mergler (PSC1),  Doug Zimmerman (PSC2),  Eddie Miller (PSC2),  Emily Bubeck (PSC2T),  Frank Arling (PSC1T),  Gareth Johnson (PSC1),  Gay Smith (PSC7),  Ginnie Bryan (PSC1),  Hector Hernandez (PSC1),  Helena Berton (PSC1),  Jakob Grimm (PSC1),  Jim Macaluso (PSC1),  Jim Christman (PSC1),  Jamie Mumford (PSC1),  Jason Kuba (PSC1),  Jeanie Bates (PSC5),  Jeff Bertke (PSC2),  Jeff Marconette (PSC1),  Jennifer Simpson (PSC1),  Jeremy Huebner (PSC2),  Jill MacDonald (PSC1),  Julie Schrader (PSC5),  Justin Vondenhuevel (PSC1),  Karri Gray (PSC7),  Kass Gilbert (PSC2T),  Kathy Henne (PSC5),  Kelley Saam (PSC1),  Kelly Westgerdes (PSC2),  Kevin Frazier-Jones (PSC2),  Kimi Ramsey (PSC1),  Kris Suerdick (PSC2),  Krista Opperman (PSC1),  Kristi Bayhan (PSC1),  Kristin Knight (PSC1),  Kurt Brandehoff (PSC1),  Kyle Springs (PSC1),  Libby Zimmerman (PSC2),  Linda Youmas (PSC1), Linda Murray (PSC1),  Maisie Tyler (PSC1),  Malia Hughes (PSC7),  Maria Goffena (PSC1),  Mark Ashman (PSC1),  Mary Niekamp (PSC1),  Mary Overly (PSC1), Mary Catherine Sunderhaus (PSC1), Mary Couser (PSC5),  Mary Kay Brown (PSC2T),  Michael Gilbert (PSC2T),  Monica Margerum (PSC1),  Nicholas Dammeyer (PSC1),  Nikki Loudenback (PSC1),  Paige Duff (PSC7),  Pattie Armstrong (PSC5),  Patricia St. Clair (PSC1), Patty Murphy (PSC2),  Paula Hill (PSC2),  Roger Koesters (PSC1),  Rose Lamar (PSC1),  Ryan Beelman (PSC1),  Sandi Shipman (PSC2),  Scott Donnelly (PSC1),  Shari Thokey (PSC1),  Shawn Dues (PSC1),  Sheena Ross (PSC1),  Sheryl Harner (PSC1), Shirley Snyder (PSC1),  Stephanie Watercutter (PSC1T),  Sue Wray (PSC2),  Susan Shaffer (PSC2),  Susan Caulfield (PSC1),  T.J. Wilmath (PSC1),  Tallie McKinney (PSC1),  Tammy Barhorst (PSC1),  Tammy Cheek (PSC1),  Terri Penhorwood (PSC1), Tom Middleton (PSC1), Tim Hemmelgarn (PSC5),  Tim Eiting (PSC5), Tim Gleason (PSC1),  Tim McMahon (PSC1),  Tracy Comer (PSC1) and  Veryl Cisco (PSC1)

Sales Level of Recognition Key: (A "T" after the code indicates member is part of a team.) 

PSC1= Achievement ($1 MIL or $1.5Team); PSC2 = Distinction ($2.5 MIL or $3.75Team); PSC5 = Excellence $5 MIL or $7.5Team;

PSC7 = Pinnacle = $7.5 MIL or $11.25Team